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Child Support in Thailand

for Australian Citizens

Child support is an issue that has caused considerable concern for some especially if a foreign national is involved. This is because not every involved parties are capable of providing child support nor are they located in Thailand where the child is currently residing to make such support more personal and possible.

Circumstances like these have caused some to raise different questions with each requiring tailor-fit answers.

Often times, the requirement for child support arise when couples decide to end their marriage legally in the Kingdom through a divorce. However, an issue about child support may also arise when a child is born out of wedlock.

Juvenile and Family Court of Thailand

The court that has jurisdiction on issue regarding child support and divorce is the Juvenile and Family Court of Thailand.

Inability to Pay

When demanded with child support, such party is ought to do so. In case of inability due to lack of financial capacity, such party may ask the court that granted such plea for child support to reduce or to re-arrange the payment of child support.

If such party has an inability to provide support or if he does not comply with the orders of the court, the court will have the power to seize off his properties in Thailand and place them on auction and the proceeds therein will be used to pay for child support. However, if in case the party that has been demanded to provide support to his child has no existing properties in Thailand but has some in another location, the court may be able to establish a working relationship with a court that has jurisdiction of such properties to seize control of the said properties, sell it and the proceeds will be used for payment of child support.

Route of Providing Child Support

Child support may be coursed through, depending on the circumstances, the parent who has custody of the child nonetheless he may provide support directly to the child by means of the child’s own bank account provided that he is above fifteen (15) years old, the age in which the child is allowed to have a personal bank account in the Kingdom.

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